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JUDITH: Directora / profesora de inglés y alemán.

Frase descripción

TOP 5 – Which is your favourite…?
2- Book:
3- Film:
4- Series:
5- Music:

 MARI: Coordinadora / editora de contenidos.

Turning content into conversation!

TOP 5 
1-Food: okonomiyaki
2- Book: Wuthering Heights (E. Brontë)
3- Film: Parasite (Bong Joon-ho)
4- Series: Afterlife (R. Gervais)
5- Music: All Things Must Pass (G. Harrison)

GISELA: Coordinadora / profesora de inglés.

I’m a Grammar Queen!

TOP 5 
1-Food: mushroom croquettes.
2- Book: The Importance of Being Earnest (O. Wilde)
3- Film: Beetljuice (Tim Burton)
4- Series: Over The Garden Wall
5- Music: Soul & Funk

 SCOTT: profesor de inglés.

I’m a non-defining relative clause!

TOP 5 
1- Food: Tom Yam Kung (Sour & Spicy Thai soup)
2- Book: Riftwar Saga (Fantasy Trilogy by Raymond.E.Feist)
3- Film: Star Wars (George Lucas)
4- Series: Jeeves and Wooster
5- Music:  Beatles/Led Zeppelin/Stereophonics

SIMONA: profesora de inglés.

I’m an English Teacher, what’s your superpower??

TOP 5 
1- Food: my mum’s Parmigiana, slowfood, creative/ fusion cuisine
2- Book: King Lear (W. Shakespeare)
3- Film: Billy Elliot
4- Series: Sense Eight
5- Music:  electronic music, reggae, flamenco…

SERGI: profesor de inglés.

I’m in love with accents!

TOP 5 
1- Food: sirloin
2- Book: Animal Farm (G. Orwell)
3- Film: The Goonies
4- Series: Lost
5- Music:  electronic

POL: profesor de inglés.

Grammar is better than eating and playing videogames!

TOP 5 
1- Food: fuet / beef cheeks with mashed potatoes
2- Book: Las lágrimas de Shiva (C. Mallorquí)
3- Film: No Strings Attached
4- Series: Jeeves and Wooster
5- Music:  Blues / Pop / Reggaeton

ALEX: profesor de inglés.

Let’s enjoy the journey of learning together! Shall we start?

TOP 5 
1- Food: revenge (best served cold)
2- Book: The Alchemist (P. Coelho)
3- Film: Cloud Atlas or Matrix by The Wachowskis
4- Series: Regular Show
5- Music:  Instrumental

CARLOTA: profesora de inglés.

 I love to hear your thoughts, opinions and ideas… in English (obviously!)

TOP 5 
1- Food: pasta (all of them)
2- Book: The Alchemist (P. Coelho)
3- Film: Eat Pray Love 
4- Series: Money Heist
5- Music:  Indie

JUDIT: profesora de inglés.

We will have fun… speaking in English, of course!

TOP 5 
1- Food: my grandma’s meatballs
2- Book: Marina, by C. Ruiz Zafón
3- Film: I don’t actually have a favourite film, but I love popcorn
4- Series: How to Get Away with Murder
5- Music: pop